Rules for Ludo Tournament

Ludo Supreme Gold has a YouTube channel where they live stream online tournaments and publish the latest gameplay. For beginners, this is a fantastic resource for learning what goes into the game. The best advice is to look at the winners and see how they play. Trust also helps, as it involves strategic decisions throughout the game. In the case of board games, players who reach the semi-finals (after winning at least one game) of the tournament will receive direct access to the final phase in the next four editions. Games of synchronized tournaments and finals automatically start at the scheduled time for each round. In tournaments by division, the score is counted as follows: You start the tournament with a fixed number of lives. You lose one or more lives if you don`t win a match, and you`re out of the tournament if you lose your whole life. In online Ludo, as in the real board game, players take turns clockwise. The highest roll of the dice begins.

With each throw, the player decides which piece he wants to move. A figure simply moves clockwise around the track given by the number thrown. If no piece can legally move according to the number thrown, the game moves on to the next player. You have to participate in the first league and qualify to participate in the finals, and it takes place as a synchronized tournament. Players participating in knockout tournaments must pass a qualifying phase before they can play the final phase. Hello. To all Ludo lovers. Take part in the Ludo King 2021 tournament here: and win exciting prizes every day. The final phase is played immediately after the qualifiers or the next day and takes place in the form of a synchronized tournament. Very well.. I love the Ludo game.

Thank you very much. I want the Ludo tournament please. Our rules are complete instructions for a friendly match. When in doubt, always follow the local rules of the game or house. Games of synchronized tournaments and finals must be completed before the start of the next round. Normally, the time set aside is enough to complete most games, but if they last too long, the system shortens the time to decide on movements and prohibits breaks; Finally, if necessary, the game is abruptly stopped and the result is evaluated according to the state of the game. Players will be divided into divisions based on their results in previous editions of the same tournament. The goal of the Ludo game is to move the player`s four pieces clockwise once around the board, the home column upwards and into the original triangle. At the beginning, a player must throw a six to move a piece from the base to the starting position. That coin is then at stake. You start the tournament with a total number of games to play and a fixed number of lives. You lose lives if you don`t win a match, so before you start playing, it`s important to know the rules of online tournaments and what they entail.

To win money, you have the option to bet head-to-head against random players or challenge your friends. Ludoteka reserves the right to exclude from the tournament players who violate these rules or even refuse to use this service. During the regular phase of divisional tournaments, the system assigns a score to each player to decide whether to reach the final, promote, release or stay in the same division. Participants agree that the play history of their tournaments is public and can be viewed by all Ludoteka users. At the beginning of the qualification of synchronized and knockout tournaments and all finals, players have the same number of lives, and they are eliminated when these lives are over. When a synchronized tournament or finals begins, the system eliminates players who are already participating in another finals or tournament. However, in the case of the final phase, they retain the right to play directly the final phase of the next edition of the same tournament. If there is a global problem in the system that affects the course of the tournament, the following changes can be made: For those who are interested in playing Ludo online for free, here`s what to do: You must arrive in the tournament play area before the scheduled time (according to Spanish time) for the start. Otherwise, you will be eliminated from the tournament. Tournaments are published a few days before they start; Each tournament has its own schedule (depending on the time of day in Spain).

One edition of each tournament is played each week, usually on the same day of the week. These rules are provided by Masters Traditional Games, an online store that sells high-quality traditional games, pub games and unusual games. You can find general or copying and copyright information on our Rules Information page. That`s all there is when it comes to playing Ludo online. The amazing thing about Ludo Supreme Gold is how it allows players to win money easily just by playing a few spins. There is minimal investment and the chances of winning good cash prizes are huge. Most online games do not offer cash as prizes, which sets Ludo Supreme Gold apart. Plus, it`s very beginner-friendly, which means anyone who doesn`t have any Ludo online gaming experience can quickly get used to it. You can read about tournaments that have just started or are about to start on the tournament page so you can participate immediately. With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us locked indoors, there`s not much we can do when it comes to socializing or spending time with friends. Board games have always been part of our culture, and Ludo has been played since ancient times. If we can`t play Ludo in person, is there an alternative? If a match is cancelled during the qualifying phase or the regular phase, it will not count towards the tournament.

In the final phase, players are not allowed to cancel games, but it can be canceled by the system if there is a problem that locks the game; In this case, all players involved would advance to the next round as if they had won the game. You are registered for a tournament, but you cannot complete your participation. There are 3 options regarding this event: Each knockout tournament has a scheduled schedule, so you can play at any time while qualifying is open. According to the Ludo+ subscription, there are two types of tournaments: open and reserved for subscribed players: Here`s what you need to do to participate in tournaments: Players participating in the tournament agree not to do anything that could distort the results and not to violate the rules of good conduct and sportsmanship. Any user can jump into any tournament game to watch it, but players retain the option to prohibit viewers from chatting. Ludo is a game of chance, and that means being patient at first. It`s not surprising if you don`t win much at first, but if you keep playing, your chances increase. The weekly winners will be published on the official Facebook page and listed in the app. There are daily, weekly and monthly tournaments held online. General informationA standard poker game with 52 cards is usedThe game is played with the four standard costumes: hearts, clubs, diamonds, spad. Players and cards: There are four players in fixed partnerships, partners face each other. An international standard deck of 52 cards is used.

A score of 6 or 1 is required to release a pawn from the starting area. Until the player gets his first 6 or 1, he will not be able to perform any action as there are no pawns available to move. Once the first tile is released, each score of 6 or 1 player gives the player the opportunity to release a new pawn or move the existing pawn on the board. 2 to 4 players start by placing their respective pieces in their bases. Everyone takes turns rolling the dice, and the player with the highest roll plays first. Players on the left follow alternately clockwise. Each turn, the player rolls the dice to determine a move. The goal of the game is to move the player`s four pieces once clockwise around the playing field, up the reception column and into the original triangle. Ludo consists of a square tray with four bases of different colors in each corner. The first colored space outside each base is the starting position. A path circles the board clockwise back to a path of the same color as the base, and then to the home column, which leads to the triangle of central origin.

The navigation of the pawns on the board is done according to the number of points that the player receives on his dice each turn. For example, a score of three on the dice means that the player can move the tile (pawn) three places on the board. Each player starts the game with four tiles in their respective starting area. The first player to eject all chips from the start area and successfully navigate the finish area will be declared the winner. If the number of players is already very small and one of the games is still in progress, the next round will start later. Copyright James Masters, 2022. All rights reserved. There are four sets of tiles of different colors that start in their corresponding bases. Each set consists of 4 mini-dolls. The supplied stamp is used to control the movement of the parts.