Revantage Legal Team

We want our employees to be healthy and feel good. The Luxembourg office has one of the best public social security networks, and we are working on a similar facility for our other offices. As for fun, with company parties twice a year and several team events, we work hard and party harder. In the spirit of a “healthy mind in a healthy body”, we offer meal vouchers, free drinks and fruit to increase energy levels. We also offer a range of weekly sports and fitness activities, a library and a book club. For professional development, we sponsor participation in selected corporate social events and trainings. Kristin encourages individual thinking and analysis, but always emphasizes the importance of collaboration, which is necessary for the growth of individuals and teams.  In the face of complex challenges, it allows the team to reassess situations with confidence, optimism and creativity, while maintaining Revantage`s deep commitment to integrity at the forefront of its growth and rapidly changing environment. Greg appreciates the unique experiences and backgrounds that each brings to the team and wants everyone who joins Revantage to reach their full potential. He is committed to recruiting and retaining the best talent from diverse industries, backgrounds and worldviews because he believes that different perspectives foster the best ideas. Leveraging new ideas not only supports Revantage`s ability to provide customers with the best solutions every day, but also accelerates innovation and ultimately drives global business success.

Holly has over ten years of experience in the Asia-Pacific real estate sector, including four years in Hong Kong. Most recently, Holly held an APAC-focused position with the world`s largest real estate and investment services firm, providing integrated valuation and advisory services to institutional clients with real estate holdings in the region. Holly also spent several years on the acquisition team of an unlisted real estate fund in Australia and gained valuable experience in fund management. The technology team manages the day-to-day infrastructure and builds the data and analytics platform of the future. The team monitors all new implementations and system integrations and provides user support to our partners. Elijah Kanevskiy has extensive knowledge of the US and European real estate market and is a member of the management team of Revantage Europe. Elijah is not only responsible for overseeing the European open-ended fund platform Core+ and its portfolios across Europe, but he is also a director of a number of Blackstone Real Estate`s BREP and BPP investment firms in Europe. Prior to joining Revantage, Toby was a Senior Leader at BlackRock, where he was responsible for operations in Asia Pacific. Toby has extensive knowledge of the region and during his 20+ year career in the financial services industry, he has held various leadership positions in several cross-functional teams and has worked in the UK, Hong Kong, India and Singapore. While Revantage is uniquely backed by one of the world`s leading alternative investment firms, we remain committed to our start-up spirit and agility.

Our partners expect meaningful and tangible results, and the reach of our global team is critical to making a lasting impact. Jeff runs Revantage Europe with Diana Hoffman. Jeff joined Revantage Europe (formerly BRE Europe) in 2004 and has contributed to its development ever since. His leadership and insight have been recognized and appreciated in various roles. In addition to leading Revantage Europe`s finance teams, he handles tax structuring and compliance issues. He is also a director of a number of Blackstone Real Estate investment firms in Europe. In this role, Kristin works closely with Blackstone and its portfolio companies to support asset valuation development and portfolio analysis. She leads the Valuation and Portfolio Management Support Team, which is comprised of high-performing individuals and amplifies the efforts of various Blackstone groups.  Faced with the challenge of executing valuation models, analyzing cash flow and real estate metrics, preparing presentations and reports, and supporting the underlying valuation process, his team raises the bar to provide exceptional service and support. Driven by her desire to optimize results, Marikay is tireless in her quest for improvement and impact.

Her analytical and disciplined approach makes her an integral part of Revantage`s leadership team and its continued smart and strategic growth.  She is a team player and builder who develops and trains her team members to bring their A-game every day, stay challenged and do their best. His experience includes an international career working with diverse and multicultural teams to transform the IT organization and embrace digital evolution. Prior to joining Revantage, Denis was a leader in IT Shared Services transformation programs and configurations in IT consulting. He then became Head of Enterprise Architecture for an ASEAN regional bank, where he successfully set up a regional team and helped business units shape their regional transformation roadmap while supporting agile transformation and multi-speed IT delivery. The risk management team maintains our business partners` extensive insurance programs, proactively minimizes risk, and acts as a point of contact for all insurance claims. Matt has spent his career building teams that exceed financial and other performance goals. He has a proven track record of driving transformative change and establishing cultures of continuous improvement.

He is an authentic leader who invests heavily in recruiting, developing and retaining high-performing and diverse teams. From entry-level positions to business management, we have opportunities where you can grow as part of a team that demonstrates excellence in the real estate investment industry. Learn more about the many benefits of working with us in the Rewards section of this page. Aditya leads BREP`s finance team, which is primarily responsible for financial management, reporting and compliance with the lifecycle activities of transactions invested from closed-end funds. He focuses on value creation by providing technical expertise in managing transactions, implementing scalable financial results solutions, increasing efficiency and quality by improving process and system optimization. Ralph brings extensive experience working with internal stakeholders and executives in infrastructure, services, research and development, program management and delivery to Revantage. He has also successfully led dynamic and high-performing teams supporting several external organizations and business partners, including some with offshore supply centers. The team is responsible for all aspects of development management, from detailed acquisition due diligence and feasibility analysis to execution and delivery. This includes managing external consultants with coordination of design, costing, planning, procurement and program management, as well as monitoring and monitoring construction activities on site.

She and her teams foster the company`s culture of customer service and execution. You will focus on value creation in several areas, including strategic planning and analysis, process improvement and change management, and communications. Serene leads Revantage Asia`s legal and compliance team and oversees all legal matters for the company. As a pioneer in legal counsel at Revantage Asia, Serene works closely with Blackstone`s legal team, handling various transactional, compliance and risk issues related to Blackstone`s real estate business and portfolio companies in Asia Pacific. Creating a culture that inspires change and dynamism requires the right team. We know what it takes to lead an industry and we are looking for leaders and professionals who aspire to constant growth, who want to attract and continually improve themselves and the industry. Jeremy leads Revantage UK`s legal team and works closely with Blackstone`s portfolio companies and operating partners across Europe on legal strategy and various transactional, asset management and compliance matters. In 2014, he joined Blackstone Property Management (BPM), a Blackstone firm advising Blackstone`s UK, Irish and Spanish office portfolios, as General Counsel. In 2018, Jeremy also became General Counsel of The Office Group (a leading flexible office provider), in which he acquired a majority stake in Blackstone Real Estate funds in 2017. Our directors provide experienced management services for Blackstone Real Estate investments in compliance with all legal and ethical requirements. Regardless of the complexity of an investment, our directors invest fully to ensure the highest level of service to our clients.

Prior to joining Revantage, Robyn spent 12+ years at Sears Holdings Corp., where she served as General Counsel for the Real Estate Business Unit and also held Assistant General Counsel positions for the Logistics and Home Services business. As a key member of Revantage`s leadership team, Robyn plays a key role in the organization`s continued growth and leads the international development of the legal function in its current global expansion. From management positions to early careers, you will work here with a motivated team always looking for the best, serving real estate holding companies in various sectors. Join our collaborative culture where we value your experiences inside and outside the office with a competitive compensation package, bonus program and strong employee wellness offering.