Ohio Lemon Law Ohio Revised Code

By far, the majority of my Ohio Lemon Law appeals involve motor vehicles that have undergone at least 3 repair attempts for the same problem or at least 30 days of repair. If you think you have a lemon, I encourage you to call me. I hope this article will help you understand the highlights of the law. I have helped thousands of consumers since 1993. People often say their vehicles are lemons, but those vehicles may not be lemons under Ohio`s Lemons Act. Obviously, we equate lemons with acid and it makes sense that people would think of defective products as lemons. So what does it take for a vehicle to qualify as a lemon under Ohio`s Lemons Act? For an overview of the strengths or weaknesses of Ohio`s lemon law, see the Center for Auto Safety`s letter to Ohio`s attorney general on the rank and effectiveness of the lemon law. If your new motor vehicle turns out to be a lemon car or a lemon truck, you`re not alone. (1) Essentially, the same non-compliance has been remedied three or more times and persists or repeats; (2) the vehicle is out of service for a total of thirty calendar days or more for repair;(3) there have been eight or more attempts to remedy a non-conformity; (4) There has been at least one attempt to remedy a non-compliance that resulted in a condition that is likely to result in death or serious bodily harm when the vehicle is driven and the non-compliance persists or recurs. (B) (1) Any period described in section (A) of this section shall be extended by any period during which the vehicle could not be adequately repaired due to war, invasion, riot, strike, fire, flood or natural disaster.

2. Where an extension of the period referred to in point B(1) of this Section is necessary because of the conditions set out therein, the manufacturer shall ensure the use of a vehicle for the consumer whose vehicle is out of service at no cost to the consumer. Where the manufacturer makes available to or enters into a contract with a car dealer or other third party, it shall reimburse the car dealer or another third party for the use of the vehicle at a reasonable rate. I should mention that a big part of lemon law is that the manufacturer has to pay legal fees to win the case. So when I open files, I don`t need to ask my customer to pay me, the manufacturer has to account for my fees in each solution. (D) No manufacturer applying for a certificate of ownership for redemption shall clearly and unequivocally inform the clerk of the court to which a certificate of repurchase of the motor vehicle is requested that the motor vehicle for which a certificate of repurchase is requested is a repurchase and that the manufacturer: Its authorized representative or dealer is requesting a certificate of redemption for the Motor Vehicle and not a certificate of ownership. (B) Whenever the consumer`s motor vehicle is returned for maintenance or repair, the manufacturer or authorized dealer shall provide the consumer with a detailed written statement detailing all work performed on the vehicle, including but not limited to parts and labour, as described in the rules established under section 1345.77 of the Revised Code. 1345.72 Obligation to repair non-conforming new motor vehicles. IMPORTANT: THIS VEHICLE WAS RETURNED TO THE MANUFACTURER BECAUSE IT DID NOT MEET THE MANUFACTURER`S EXPRESS WARRANTY AND THE NON-CONFORMITY WAS NOT CORRECTED WITHIN A REASONABLE TIME IN ACCORDANCE WITH OHIO LAW.

IMPORTANT: IF THIS VEHICLE IS DEFECTIVE, YOU MAY BE ENTITLED TO REPLACEMENT OR COMPENSATION UNDER STATE LAW. 1345.75 Civil action for loss due to non-compliance. (4) Any incidental damages, including reasonable fees, required by the lender for granting or terminating the loan. (C) Any violation of a rule issued under section (A) of this section is an unfair and misleading act or practice within the meaning of section 1345.02 of the revised Code. Next, we need a non-conformity, i.e. a defect or condition that significantly affects the use, value or safety of a motor vehicle for the consumer. There`s a lot more to it than that, but it`s the next place to look. The consumer should first report the defect to the manufacturer or dealer within 1 year of initial delivery of the vehicle or 18,000 miles of use. This is where it starts to get complicated. So many people call because of older cars with high miles.

So they are probably outside the requirements of the lemons law, but they may very well be covered by another law that acts in the same way. My practice tends to stay away from older used vehicles, but even these cases can have different paths. The manufacturer shall list each defect or condition in a separate line from the written statement provided to the consumer. 1. Where the consumer elects for a refund, the producer shall submit the total amount required under Division B of this Division by means of a document to be paid jointly to the consumer and any lien holder on the front of the certificate of ownership. Prior to payment of funds to the consumer, the lien holder may deduct the balance owing to the owner, including reasonable loan cancellation and repayment charges in accordance with section (B) of this section and, if applicable, immediately transfer the balance to the consumer and cancel the lien. (D) “Motor vehicle” means any passenger car or non-commercial motor vehicle as defined in section 4501.01 of the Revised Code or parts of a motor home as defined in section 4501.01 of the Revised Code that are not part of permanently installed facilities for cold storage, cooking, food consumption and bedding; means, however, a motor home as defined in section 4501.01, division (O) of the Revised Code, recreational vehicles as defined in section (Q) of this section or manufactured homes as defined in section 3781.06, section (C) (4) of the Revised Code.