Newborn Baby Requirements List India

Toys are suitable both for playing and for supporting the baby`s development and the achievement of the many stages. Choose toys with the following features: At night, you can use diapers to sleep quietly, just like your baby. Hello. This seems like the perfect list of the most important things for newborns. I remember when my first baby arrived, I didn`t do much research and forgot to take new things with me. But now I want to be completely prepared. I added almost everything just to confirm one thing. Is the nail shredder important? Firststep cotton cloth diapers for newborns (12 pieces: 0-3 months): Buy on Amazon You need to buy enough nursing bras to wear them daily. Also, keep in mind that you may need to change your bra several times a day. These bras are designed to provide comfort and ease of use to both mother and baby. As the baby goes beyond the months and becomes more mobile, some necessary products will help you take the baby with you to explore the world.

I make a list of the most important things and I completely forgot about the nail clipper and massage mat. Thank you for sharing the list of useful and necessary things. It`s really helpful. This baby cleanser is gentle on your baby`s skin because of its “hypoallergenic” ingredients. It consists of jojoba and chamomile. Jojoba acts as a moisturizer for your baby`s skin and as a conditioner for his hair. While chamomile also acts as a moisturizer, but since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it keeps all kinds of skin allergies away. Baby bath – essential! Don`t think you can get away with a bucket/chilamchee. Bathing a baby in a bathtub is so much easier and convenient for the baby. We have our offline. These reasons should be enough to invest in good sleep products for your baby.

In the first few years, this is the product you will order the most each month. You can decide if you want to accept cloth or disposable diapers for your baby. However, for the first month or two, I suggest going for the more convenient option of disposable products. The aloe vera in baby wipes doesn`t let your baby feel the rudeness of the wipes. Wipes don`t really protect your child from germs and diaper rash. Here`s if you need a baby rash cream. As you begin this responsible and enjoyable journey called parenting, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind, from welcoming your baby home to the moment your baby licks the second birthday cake. I live in Mumbai and my baby is only 1 month old. We use air conditioning all day and keep it at a controlled temperature. I feel guilty about using diapers on him all day, do you think I should make him wear the cotton diapers? I take care of changing the diaper as soon as I see it wet or dirty.

What type of cotton diapers will you recommend for a 1-month-old baby? The layers are thick and I see her thighs pressed between the layers and the blanket wrapped. In Mumbai, it`s hard to dry clothes, so I worry about using cotton diapers. Your advice will help you. Thank you. Nipples tend to become painful and/or cracked during continuous breastfeeding. To avoid/cure them, you should start using a good nipple butter. The product must be safe, both for mother and baby. After a few months, you may want to carry baby carriers and buy strollers, please check these 2 items if you want to buy the best baby carrier and stroller online in India. The 10 Best Baby Carriers in India Top 7 Strollers in India With a baby carrier, you can carry your shopping bag without help. You can talk with one hand on your phone and water the plants with the other.

So you can do all kinds of activities for which both hands must be free with your baby! You should use a baby carrier as soon as it reaches the age of more than 4 months. Wearers will better support his neck and back. The reason I chose most Pigeon and MotherCare products is that they are the safest and best for babies. Also, the rest of the products I have listed take into account the needs of an Indian newborn. Weather and culture have a huge impact on our newborn selection. Prepare these things before giving birth or you can only buy them on the day of delivery (as many Indians believe that buying a newborn should be done after birth) Having baby essentials ready before your baby arrives will save you energy, time, and rest so you can focus more on your child after birth. Your baby is used to being in a closed, warm room for months. As soon as he/she enters this world, their entire sense of security disappears. Diapers help them feel safe. Swaddling is a traditional practice that helps the baby feel safe and sleep well. It seems easy to carry the baby at first. However, as the baby grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to carry it on your shoulders for long periods of time.

If you plan to let your baby sleep at night in the crib or crib, you should rethink. What for? Studies have shown that even since ancient times, Indians believe that a baby needs to sleep next to his mother, at least when he is three years old. This way: your baby will be able to sleep sick; Night breastfeeding will become easy for you; He will feel safe when you are near him and; Then he will probably fall asleep easily. This product from Motorola has a range of about 520 feet. This makes it easy to move around the house without losing contact with your baby. Mittens also have additional use. Many babies have long, pointed nails. They may scratch their skin or eyes. Doctors usually do not recommend cutting the baby`s nails for a few weeks. Until then, mittens help your baby stay warm and safe. From day one, you need to have a nursing pillow with you, because the biggest challenge for you and the most important for you is to feed your baby properly and comfortably.

Personally, I think this design is the best. There might be smarter versions and designs (they call it), but as a mom, I can tell you that if your baby is hungry, you don`t want the extra steps to prepare yourself with that bulky feeding pillow. The selected one is easy to use and can be stored as a back support on your bed when not in use. In addition, the pillow is very useful and can be placed left/right wherever you want. Alternatively, you can also use cold-pressed virgin coconut oil instead of the moisturizer I shared above. The same oil can also be used to massage your baby. Massaging your baby has several benefits, I will be writing about this in the near future. In the meantime, you can refer to some reputable blogs to know their benefits. There are also many videos on Youtube that can show you how to massage.

My baby has just been born and has beautiful hair, do I have to comb every day? The best baby comb you can suggest???? Again, this is an optional product. If you think you have the time and energy to sterilize your baby`s bottles, toys and teeth every day, you don`t need this product. You can boil water in a large utensil and immerse all products that need to be sterilized for 30 minutes. Hi Abhinav, A car seat is safer for babies. But make sure you bought this for babies aged 0+. Therefore, I recommend buying a soft, high-quality face towel that is gentle on your baby`s skin and does not cause irritation. Bottles – We started with peristaltic pigeon bottles for newborns (which they used in the hospital). However, the river was too fast. Our baby didn`t like Advent or Medela bottles. Instead, we`re big fans of Dr.

Brown`s narrow-neck option bottles. These are anti-colic bottles that ensure that your baby does not absorb too much gas. Baby loves them! It is best to invest the small bottles first (4 oz / 120 ml) and then 4 months later in a few large bottles (8 oz / 240 ml). This list is also revised periodically to include better products and/or to add a product/brand that I missed based on your suggestions.