Ms Ramaiah Legal Studies

The concept of legal education in India dates back to Vedic times, when it was essentially based on the concept of Dharma. Kings used to administer justice themselves or appoint judges to administer justice, who were not necessarily trained in law, but were known for their righteousness and justice and had a reputation for being fair and impartial. According to Brihaspathi Smrithi, there was a hierarchy of courts in ancient India, beginning with the family courts and ending with the king. The lowest was the family referee. The next higher court was that of the judge; the next of the chief justices, who was called Praadivivaka or Adhyaksha, and at the head was the king`s court. In 1995, the Honourable Founding President M.S. Ramaiah has established a “Center of Excellence” in the field of law with the noble mission of providing quality legal education that takes an appropriate approach in a healthy academic atmosphere, which has greatly contributed to shaping the future of students so that they can face professional challenges with confidence and strength. The institute has an excellent placement cell for each course. The mediation committee sends invitations to large companies and law firms to visit their college for internships. If organizations are interested in the university, they visit the institute and conduct a mediation campaign. Students must register with the Mediation Committee during the semester.

Companies select the best talent. The college has excellent alumni. Each year, the college invites different alumni from different industries. They take some time out of their busy schedules to motivate students. After graduation, students can practice their own or take them to state exams. Students are well trained from start to internship. The cell offers students the opportunity to improve their MS RAMAIAH Foundation founded in 2016 – “RAMAIAH INSTITUTE OF LEGAL STUDIES” (RILS). RILS is led by Dr.

M.R. Pattabiram, with over 30 years of rich academic exposure. RILS as a growth initiative and to meet the growing demand for competent lawyers worldwide. RILS expands its scope by providing quality education in the field of law. RILS has excellent advisory board members, national and international legal service professionals. RILS has a qualified and dedicated faculty with excellent state-of-the-art infrastructure, computer labs with state-of-the-art software and teaching materials. A well-stocked library that allows the creation of a “competent legal good” for the legal fraternity and society as a whole. The Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies has a dedicated team of educators who are passionate about creating critical thinkers and productive members of an ever-changing global society. The Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies has a distinguished team of advisory board members and lawyers from national and international legal services. “This institution has allowed me to ensure that I have a solid foundation in the legal profession.

In collaboration with academics, they refined extracurricular activities such as pleadings, debates, etc. strengthened my skills and confidence as an aspiring defender. The possibilities at RCL are endless for those who seek them. The essence of this outstanding institution is to provide the best legal education as well as general personal development. College offers endless opportunities at every stage of student life to grow as an individual both personally and professionally, offering a holistic path to success. Then the college gives you the space to enjoy and have the best student life etched in their memories. The faculties and administration are student friendly and the college provides the best resources for students. The college also tactfully balances the need for academic and extracurricular activities such as debates, pleadings, legal aid camps, sports, etc. In the modified scenario, additional roles of policy planner, business consultant and stakeholder negotiator are anticipated. In the era of globalization, India`s legal systems meet the needs of new consumers, foreign companies and employees.

Strengthening our legal education system is necessary to meet new challenges. Lawyers must be rational, willing to work hard, communicate with good expression, have a critical understanding of human institutions and values. The legal profession is objectively able to produce statesmen. The teaching style at the Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies includes classroom teaching, in-house legal workshops, presentations, research projects, regular lectures, and seminars. The Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies has appointed moot courts so that students can learn the practical aspects of law. The institute assists students in their studies for the All-India Bar Examination. Regular legal aid camps organized by the Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies in various fields help students gain hands-on experience working with the community. The Ramaiah College of Law was established to provide quality legal education and to integrate cultural values and ethics into the minds of future judges and lawyers.