Michigan Name Change Requirements

The notice must be published before your name change hearing. Depending on the district in which you live, the notice must be published between two and eight weeks before the hearing. Some courts require you to check with them three days before your hearing to make sure they have received the publication information. You can contact your local district court for publication requirements. Use the Courts and Agencies section of this website to obtain contact information for your local district court. If you get a legal name change in court, the name on your birth certificate does not change automatically. This process can only be done through the Change Unit of the Vital Statistics Office. You must submit a completed and signed request for correction, a fee of $50.00 in the form of a personal check or money order payable to the State of Michigan in U.S. dollars, a copy of your valid current photo ID and a copy of the court order for documentation. The $50.00 fee includes a certified copy of the record of changes made. Additional copies cost $16.00 each when ordered at the same time. We know what you may be thinking: I`m not traveling abroad anytime soon, so why is updating my passport a priority? Well, according to HitchSwitch`s Wolff, an updated passport serves as further proof of your name change.

Think of it as insurance you can whip if you`re having trouble updating your driver`s license. Do not update your passport before the end of your honeymoon if you are celebrating abroad. You booked your tickets before the wedding and the names on all your travel documents must match. Walk past the mayor? You`ll get a marriage certificate there, not in Michigan, so look for those requirements instead. You can change your name when you get married. People have been taking their spouse`s name for hundreds of years, so the process was painless some time ago. Like most places, the Great Lakes state allows married people to adopt a new name by filling out an application for a marriage certificate. If you have officially tied the knot (and done the paperwork), a marriage certificate serves as proof of a name change. Get copies and use them to update your official documents and records. Submit a name change petition to start changing your name. You can use the do-it-yourself name tool to complete your petition. The name change process usually takes between four and six months.

The processing time varies depending on whether you need a criminal background check or not. In addition to the other information required in your petition, you will need to indicate why you want to change your name. You cannot change your name for fraudulent reasons. Fraudulent reasons are the desire to deceive creditors or escape a criminal past. First of all, if you have travel plans in the next couple of months, I would hold back the name change until you return from this honeymoon. You may not change your name for fraudulent or illegal purposes. Avoiding credit card companies, loans, court decisions against you, child support obligations, and similar obligations will not work. Michigan requires all candidates for name changes to prove that there is no fraudulent intent behind their petition. Wolverine State law defines the intentional inclusion of a false statement in a petition as perjury. Those convicted criminally can legally change their name in Michigan, but would face higher hurdles to convince a court to grant their request. All other name changes usually require legal action.

In Michigan, residents can apply to the family division of their local district court for a name order change. Congratulations – you now have proof of a legal name change in Michigan. Now you need to take your marriage license or court order to a few other agencies to put everything in order. First stop? The Social Security Administration. Unlike the other steps on our list, this one isn`t exactly Michigan specific — it`s mandatory no matter where you live. That`s because you can`t change your name elsewhere until you have an updated Social Security card. marriage certificate, divorce decree or court-ordered change of name; Your name will be changed by law. But you`re not quite out of the woods yet. A name change must be reflected on your ID and official documents. Go through the Michigan Secretary of State`s office to update your driver`s license and ID card.

You should also contact your local Social Security office to update your Social Security card. You may not change your name for fraudulent purposes, for example to avoid debt, you may not change your name to a name that could affect the rights of another person, such as a celebrity, you may not use a swearing, racist insult, obscene and/or offensive word in your name and you may not change it to a name, intentionally cause confusion (e.g., a name with punctuation and/or number). After paying the required fee ($9), the subject will be photographed or will receive a duplicate of their current driver`s license with the updated name. If you change your name in Michigan (or anywhere else!) on your Social Security card, it costs – wait – nada. It`s free, woot-woot. Here are the basic steps to change a minor`s name: From SOS office: A fee will be charged to correct your name and a new photo will be taken. If your driver`s license or ID expires in a few months, you can renew it earlier. Once the judge has received the result of the applicant`s criminal background check, he or she will schedule a hearing for the hearing of the name change application. On the day of the hearing, the applicant must appear in court and bring two (2) copies of all documents if a copy is requested. The judge will ask the person to indicate the reasons why they are changing their name and to take an oath that they are not doing so for fraudulent purposes. Once approved, the judge stamps a court order declaring that the person`s name will be legally changed (CP 52). The applicant must then receive at least one (1) certified copy of the court order approving the applicant`s name change.

For an adult (at least eighteen (18) years of age) to change their name to Michigan, they must meet the following criteria: 6. Go to your bank, bring paperwork, and let the teller know that you want to change the name of your accounts. While you`re at it, order new cards. If you have separate accounts, you must name your spouse as the beneficiary. When filing their form, the person must pay a court filing fee (see Michigan Civil Court Fees). Costs may vary depending on the county where the applicant resides, so they must contact their local court to get the prices in their area. If an applicant is unable to pay the filing fee, they may complete and submit the MC-20 fee waiver form to request a fee waiver. To expedite the process of changing the name of petitioners, some courts give an applicant the option of paying the publication fee at that time. On the scheduled hearing date, at least one (1) parent or legal guardian of the minor must appear in court with the application for a change of name and, if the minor is fourteen (14) years of age or older, the minor`s notarized consent to the name change. If the declaration of consent is not notarized, the minor must take an oath and sign the document in court.

After reviewing the application, if there is no objection and the request is legitimate, the judge will sign and stamp a court order (CP 52) to approve the legal name change. Then, the parent or guardian must file the petition with their local district court. The court clerk asks for identification and needs the request for a change of name and a copy of the minor`s birth certificate to submit the application.